The Theory Of Whatever [Laurie Vincent Alt Art/Pink Vinyl]


Release date: 22 July, 2022


* limited edition one off pressing pink vinyl with alternative artwork from Laurie Vincent. *

Jamie T is back with his new album ‘the theory of whatever.’ the album includes the lead single ‘the old style raiders’. Jamie T has been away, and done a lot, but now he’s back. And he has a lot to say.

Side A

1. 90s cars
2. The old style raiders
3. British hell
4. The terror of lambeth love
5. Keying lamborghinis
6. St. George wharf tower
7. A million & one new ways to die

Side B
1. Thank you
2. Between the rocks
3. Sabre tooth
4. Talk is cheap
5. Old republican
6. 50,000 unmarked bullets

Vinyl LP